Advertising/Product Reviews

Thank you for considering What's to Eat? as a way to expand your audience.

Do you have a product, book, blog or business you would like to advertise on my blog?  I would be happy to host a giveaway for you, free of charge.  This is a GREAT way to tell the world about your have to offer! 

Here are the details:
  • Giveaways can be a product, service or gift certificate with a value of at least $25
  • All giveaways will be held using Rafflecopter
  • My readers will have a week to enter the giveaway, unless you and I decided differently up front
  • You will need to let me know if prizes are for US residents only
  • You are responsible for sending the prize to the recipient at the end of the giveaway
If this sounds good to you, email me with your information and a link to you blog, shop or business and I will just take a peek to be sure
it fits the content of this blog.

I am also happy to do a review of a product, book, service or business, if as above, it fits the blog.   All you need to do is send me a brief description of what you have to offer.  I will be sure it is the sort of thing that we would do justice to (as far as marketing) and let you know right away.

After you send me a sample of what you have to offer (please note: it will not be returned), I will photograph it, write a review and do a feature post for you.  The post will link back in all possible ways we can conceive of: your blog,  shop, a Facebook page, your twitter account, etc.   We will post a link on our social media sites (beyond the blog to our Facebook page, tweets, Google+ and Pinterest account).  If you would like, we can combine a review with a giveaway, for maximizing exposure.  To do so, we would need you to ship one item to us and the other to the giveaway winner at the end of the contest.

We are currently in the process of setting up advertising on the side bar.  If you are interesting, just drop me a note at whatstoeatdininginandout at gmail dot com

Thanks again for considering us!

PS.  All book and product reviews are MY opinions, not that of anyone else!


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