Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dining Out: KC's Rib Shack, Manchester, NH

Hubby and I are continuing our exploration for YOU, my readers!  He will make the sacrifice, dutifully, in the name of research.  :o)  (**claps & cheers for his bravery!)

We made a stop at KC's Rib Shack 376 Second Street in Manchester, NH.  It was early on a Sunday evening but we saw quite a few cars in the parking lot, always a good sign. 


Once we got inside, it was all about the ambiance - from the lighting to the license plates on the ceiling and from the buckets of plastic silverware to the oodles of paper towels, this was a fun kind of place.
We had a table to the right of the silver metal in the back.

I'm thinking this was plenty of salt and pepper... lots of paper towels, too!

The menu was an adventure.  You can see it HERE.  Hubby went with the Chicken Wing Pladda (yes, you pronounce it that way...) with the Buffalo sauce.  It came with some coleslaw, chips and a piece of tasty cornbread with just a hint of jalapeno.  (I had a nibble...)  He said he would up it to the Jamaican Jerk, one of the spiciest ones, another time.  He enjoyed having all the wings to himself and said they were tasty.

I went with the Pulled Pork Sammie, the "real way" - which is loaded with coleslaw and dill pickle chips.   I decided on mashed potatoes for my side as I wasn't sure how spicy it would be.  Turns out, it wasn't spicy at all.  The waitress brought us a beer six-pack filled with KC BBQ sauces, but didn't explain them to us.  I put a bit of each on a plate and dipped my sandwich in each one, which I imagine is what you should do OR if you've been there and know the sauces, you'd pour one on and it would be much more flavorful.  It was very tender, so if I had known which I like and had slathered it on, it would have had more flavor.

The sauces were Hickory, Spicy, Carolina Red and Apple Slatha (try typing that into your iphone's notepad and NOT having it self-correct!).  There was also ketchup, but I'd rather not admit it was there - takes away from the overall sense of where we were...  My favorite by far, was the Apple Slatha - an apple cinnamon flavored sauce.  For levels of hotness, it went from Hickory to Spicy to the Carolina Red.  Yup, that was pretty fiery - I'm not into that... Bri?  Yes...

I had the homemade lemonade to drink, which was just what I was looking for.  I am a lemonade fan and if you tell me it's "homemade" I am all over it.  It didn't have any pulp, what one expects with homemade lemonade, but it tasted great.

I would recommend the Rib Shack if you are looking for some BBQ - but I would be hesitant to say "take the kids there" on a Friday or Saturday night.  A portion is a bar and I would imagine it gets pretty loud.  There was a family there sitting next to us when we were there with middle school and high school daughters.  Personally, it might not be the place I would take younger children, not like Famous Dave's .

On a scale of 1-5, I would give it a 3.  If you have a "hankerin'" it would fit the bill.

Happy eats!


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