Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They are HERE! AKA: "This too shall pass..."

We live in New Hampshire.  You might have heard of us - the snowy state BEHIND the weather person's head on the Weather Channel?

This is what we keep seeing.... and seeing... and seeing... but as I said in the post title: "This too shall pass."

While it was lovely in December and even once or twice in January, it's beginning to wear a bit thin.  Even to a lifelong New Englander.

So.... I prefer to think warmer thoughts and THANK GOODNESS for High Mowing Seeds!  I mentioned last week I won a contest (OMG... I know!!!!) for $50 worth of seeds.  I went crazy on their site - spending the $50 and a bit more on all sorts of seeds, many that I would not have tried, working with my regular seed budget.

For starters, let's just REALLY think sunny thoughts with a package of Mammoth Sunflower seeds!!  You read that right: MAMMOTH!  These are giants sometimes reaching 12 feet tall!  The boys are going to LOVE them!  Back in my childhood, my grandfather (Pepere) grew some of these next to the garage - can't wait to see how they grow!

I also ordered thyme and Greek Oregano (perennials I can't wait to get rolling with), Genovese and Sweet Basil (pesto here we come - and BTW, had to choose between 10 different varieties) and Bouquet dill, to round things out.  I saw a great idea from a friend, growing some of these in mason jars inside... so watch for that!!

I grabbed some Yellowstone Carrots (yes, they are yellow!!) and Detroit Dark Red Beets and Rudolf  Radishes. I am going for color this summer!


Speaking of color, I couldn't resist the Rainbow Mix Chard with "brilliant shade of red, orange, pink, yellow and white stalks..."  Seriously... who wouldn't be drawn to all this with the snow coming down outside, I mean REALLY!

One can't leave out the Alliums, so I snagged a package of chives (Allium schoenoprasum) and one of Bunching Onion (Allium cepa), both perennials we'll have some fun with!

We aren't done yet!  Let's chat about some greens - Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce and Lacinato "Dinosaur" Kale.  How can I NOT try something called "Dinosaur" Kale?  Seriously?

The nice part about all three?  They will be growing quickly: 28 days on the lettuce, 35 days (for baby) on the kale (but wait, if I want it to be GIANT it's 65 days till maturity...) and then 45 days on the spinach.  Granted, at our current depth of snow and continued winter weather, could still be AUGUST!!  Just kidding.... I hope.

I rounded out my order with Provider Bush Beans, Midnight Lightning Zucchini and Nutterbutter Winter Squash.

We tried growing a few things last year.  We were only marginally successful.  I use the word "successful" very loosely.  There were several reasons. 
  1. In my excitement, I started things too early.  The green was lovely as winter was ending, but they all got too leggy before I could put them in the ground.
  2. Weeding?  What's that?
  3. We didn't see ONE SINGLE BEE all summer!  NOTHING seemed to get pollinated.  
So... here's the plan:
  1. Don't start things too early, no matter HOW excited you are!  Without a hoop house, we have to wait.  
  2. You'll notice there are no tomatoes - I will go for buying the plants already ready to plant.
  3. We will DEDICATE a portion of each week to weeding... REALLY... I promise... maybe...
  4. Hubby is going to be a beekeeper!  He's ordered two nucs (from VT) which we will be picking up in May - one for here and one for up in the field at my mom's.  We're going to try doing our part to help Mother Nature on this one!
With all of the above PLUS so many wonderful seeds, at least a few veggies should make it to the table this year!

How about you?  Planning your garden yet?  What do you have in mind?
Have a great day!
PS.  I didn't receive any compensation for this post - I am just REALLY excited about my seeds!  :)


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