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Guest Post: Traditional Egg Tart by Dominque's Desk

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I am so fortunate to have another wonderful guest blogger this week, this time from Dominique at Dominique's Desk.  Take a peek at this fun recipe you can do with children!  Can't wait to try this with the boys!


Traditional Egg Tart 

Traditional Egg Tart

Baking with kids can be so much fun. During the school holidays I do baking with the kids as we have more time since school is out. This week Doggie boy decided that he would like to bake the traditional egg tarts that are served if you are out for Dim Sum at a Chinese restaurant. Egg tart is a must order item for Doggie boy each time we go out for Dim Sum. He loves this dessert and can easily eat 4 pieces of egg tart at a go. It isn't that difficult to make. In fact Doggie boy succeeded on his first attempt baking it using Mollys Egg Tart Recipe 

The ingredients we used
The ingredients we used
Making the custard
We prepared the Custard first as it had to be cooled before it could be added to the crust before baking.  
Taking out the butter to be melted
  Taking out the butter to be melted

Part A
Egg Custard :
350g water 120g castor sugar 100g fresh milk 5 eggs
1. Add the sugar into the water and heat it till the sugar is fully dissolved before letting it cool completely.
2. Stir in the milk.
3. Beat the egg thoroughly before adding it to the mixture and still well.
4. Strain the mixture before pouring it into the shout crust moulds.

Part B  
Short Crust Pastry:
250g unsalted butter, soften 120g castor sugar 1 egg 500g plain flour 
Method : 1. Cream the butter and sugar till creamy.
2. Add in the egg and mixed well.
3. Add in flour and mix till a dough is form.
4. Mould the dough in small cupcakes or special mini tart moulds 

Making the dough with the mixer
Making the dough with the mixer
Making the moulds
Making the moulds
We used 180 degree instead of the suggested 160 degrees as that is the optimal temperature for baking for my oven and we baked it for about 35 minutes.  

Doggie boy with his egg tarts
Doggie boy with his egg tarts

After an hour long baking session the egg tarts were finally done and ready to be eaten. Doggie boy couldn't wait to sink his teeth into them but had to wait till they were sufficiently cooled down before they could be eaten. 

Do try baking Egg tarts with your kids I'm sure that you too would enjoy it.

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  1. Apart from the great recipe what I love most about this post is the pictures. I have visited her blog before and love the inclusion of the children. AND with a British mother I have grown up with Bird's Custard being part of the pantry. In fact I have some now thanks to the import food store.