Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Menu #8

We were off in PA visiting our daughter this weekend (made the YUMMY Sweet & Sour Chicken with them!  LOVED IT!)

We are back and ready to rock another weird week!  So be it... Life is Good!  Click on the links to head to sites with great recipes for the meal pictured.

Sunday - Breakfast for dinner (we can finish off some Dunkin' Donuts) - My goal with this one is whatever I have available!  It's an 8 hour drive home.... might just be cereal!!

Monday - Pepperoni Pizza

Tuesday - Lasagna (Says it's World's Best...guess we'll give it a try!!)

Wednesday - Sandwiches & Pasta Salad

Thursday - Taco Salad (use rest of burger from Tuesday's lasagna - that's I'd cooked up and then frozen till today)

Friday - Salad night: Tossed Salad, Pasta Salad and Potato Salad - What's your best recipe for these??

Saturday - Dinner out to celebrate our 30th Anniversary (which was Tuesday... but hubby was at Wrestling Camp in PA!!)


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