Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's Menu: Week at a Glance #2

Let's build this repertoire, folks!  Last week's plans went pretty well - I did find that I swapped a couple around and there was one night the family said: "WE WANT CHINESE!" and when your youngest completes her first year of college, you run with it.  GO, SHAUNA!

Here's what's planned for this week:

Sunday- Baked Ham Dinner (Happy Mother's Day!)  Have you ever tried cooking on in a crockpot?  Here's my recipe!

Monday - BBQ night - Grilled Hotdogs & Potato Salad

Tuesday - Ham Salad Croissants

Wednesday - Caribbean"Dump" Chicken
I've made this one before - but could I find my image?  NO!!!
Thursday - Lasagna

Friday - Left-overs (finish things up, guys!)

Saturday - Breakfast for Dinner (need super easy - working Children in the Arts today!)  How about omelets?

Okay...let's see how this week plays out and how well I do, shall we?

What's on tap for your dinners this week?  Do tell!



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