Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Year of Aprons - "Thank you" to Followers!

Good morning!

I am so excited to share recipes, reviews and foodie fun with all of you!  I love the comments, the encouragement and the emails.  Thanks soooo much!

I got to thinking that you, like me, might be a wee bit messy in the kitchen.  Yes?  Many of you know that I have another blog, Whitt's Kits Fabrics & Crafts.  I decided to oo a joint venture this year that is a win-win.  I will be designing and creating an apron each month and then posting the tutorials over at Whitt's Kits and then giving them away, here!

This month's is a sweet, purple floral and cupcake number!  It would be great to cover up in the kitchen OR to give away as a gift!  Here it is:

Want to see the details?  Wonder how I made it?  Want close up of fabric or details?  CLICK HERE.

Want to try and win it?  All you have to do is pop down to the lil' old Rafflecopter entry below and pick any or all of the options.  To win, YOU MUST click on the Rafflecopter selection, even if you are just leaving a comment.

The drawing is May 15th.  This is open to anyone, anywhere - I will mail it to you!

So, scroll on down and give it a go - Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS.  Don't forget to enter to win 4 pillowcase kits on Whitt's Kits HERE


  1. Wow, Carrie, you made this so easy, it was a delight to enter!

  2. I'm going to LOVE this new blog of yours! Way ta go, chickie!

  3. I love this apron, it's adorable! I am also loving this blog, you are doing a wonderful job!

  4. I love this apron, it's adorable! I am also loving this blog, you are doing a wonderful job!

  5. Thanks, ladies!! Hugs to you both!

  6. Lovely apron! My favorite dessert to make is cinnamon rolls, yummy smells and yummy to eat.

  7. Oh, man, Mara - I've been thinking about making some! Guess you know what I'll be doing this weekend!

  8. The apron is fab and would great on me in my shop! so wonderful that you happened in! I look forward to your blogs on the food side and our pictures! visit again soon!

  9. Yay, Lisa!! Thanks so much for stopping by - it totally would!! I will let you know when I'm doing the shop. Love the cupcake - will be back to try another and some coffee!