Thursday, May 2, 2013

Places to Shop: Monadnock Food Co-op, Keene, NH

Good morning!

I thought a great place to start this blog would be an equally new place for shopping local, if local for you is southwestern New Hampshire.  That place is Monadnock Food Co-op, on Cypress Street in Keene, NH.

I  ram across the announcement of it's opening about about a month or so ago via several different groups I follow on Facebook.  It sounded intriguing and as the excitement mounted and the opening got closer, I wanted more and more to stop by.

I was finally able to make my first trip and was pretty excited myself.  Oh, and did I mention: hungry.  I wasn't able to get there that day until just about 1 pm.  By that time (and having spent the last 3 hours with a wonderful group of 5th graders installing their exhibit) I was famished!  Not always a good idea when one is grocery shopping.

The good news was that I could hit the deli for a sandwich to tide me over (while cruising past shelves of goodies, coolers of fresh foods and a bakery).  A very pleasant young women made me one of the biggest sandwiches of my LIFE!  It literally took two hands to hold it - the Keene special!  It was a triple decker turkey-bacon-Colby Jack- lettuce-tomato sandwich on oat bread. can start drooling like I did!  Here's a few bites gone when I got out to the car! It was worth every penny - I had half for lunch and my husband had the other half the next day! 

Once I had sustenance in hand, I went back to the start and made my way from the beginning.  You walk in greeted by fresh fruits and vegetables waiting to head to your kitchen!  I settled for some lettuce (wanted to re-create the above sandwich), and a few other sundries and then headed on.

I made a stop at the dairy case for some fresh eggs and Greek yogurt, then it was on to the meat counter.  I decided there on some locally grown, grass fed beef (in the form of hamburger) and then turned my eye to some chorizo sausage.  Upon hearing my request, a woman came up and began describing this amazing pizza she'd made just the other night with some and that I would love it and told me everything I would need to make it for myself.  I suddenly thought, "Is it obvious that I am working on a food blog?  Is it on my forehead?"

Freezer Section with Francestown Store Frozen Foods!

More bulk dry goods than I've ever seen in one place!!

I then wandered up and down the aisles,  eying shelf after shelf of delicious options.  Above you can see a shot of some frozen food (through the glass - didn't want to effect things) and an entire row of bulk dried goods!

I settled on a few different things, here and there, including a six-pack of Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider and a copy of Cook's Illustrated Make Ahead Recipes at the check out.

A friendly woman scanned my purchases, actually checked the signature on the back of my debit card and told me she'd hoped I would return. I will.

Due to the fact 3 of the members of my family will be playing softball up there almost every week this summer, I will have ample opportunity to find my way back.  I am SURE there are more sandwiches that need me to try them and all sorts of other wonderful goodies that will make their way home with us, despite the 45 minute drive.

Do you have a food co-op where you live?  Do you shop there often?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  I am interested in hearing from you.  You can comment below or send me a message via one of the boxes on the right.

Thanks for stopping by and happy eats!


  1. Congratulations, Carrie, on the launch of your new blog! It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun (and I'm pretty sure I'll be offering a review or two ~ at our house, we're Foodies for sure!)

  2. Thanks so much, Ruth! Climb on board! :) I will be looking for guest bloggers... Can't wait to check out that restaurant you just mentioned to me on FB!

  3. So, I just read your piece on the co-op. Let me know the next time you are going, I would love to tag along!

  4. Love this blog! Great job! I think I'll try the coop tomorrow too.

  5. Enjoy! Hope you find some delicious ingredients to work with. :)