Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day: Cooking Crepes

In honor of my mom and memere, I found a video recipe for crepes, one of my French-Canadian memere's  treats for us.  I remember them being my favorites with lots of butter and some marmalade and that she had a couple pans going because we were eating them as quickly as she made them - ah... the memories!

Before I go any further, I just need to say that I looked around through several videos for this one till I found one where they pronounced it the way I'd been taught: "crapes" - long A sound, NOT "creps" with a short E - PULEESE!  My memere was rolling in her grave hearing that!

Nutella Crepes

Karma jumps right into the how-to's here.  To get her recipe, click on the "Show more" link under the video on Youtube and all her information PLUS the recipe pop up.

Seriously, how can anything with Nutella NOT be good?

Fire up the skillet, Whitt!  I feel a crepe-fest coming on.
Happy eating,


  1. I love crepes, I need to watch this video over and over to get it right now - Thanks so much for sharing. Just lemon and a sprinkle of sugar for me please? :)